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French musician



Guillaume Gargaud ( Born in France in 1979) is a composer and improvisational guitarist. He's already released about ten albums and composed many musics for contemporary dance. He lives in Le Havre in France where he also teaches music.

«Guillaume Gargaud’s style of improvisational guitar and electronics is intriguing and absorbing; jumping back and fourth between harsh glitches and soothing soundscapes and visiting everything inbetween. Gargaud conjures up sounds like you’ve never heard before; combing a rich and full melodic Americana style of guitar playing with huge walls of fierce electronic noise and delicate droning, creating mammoth and highly varied textures. His music will lift you to enormous euphoric highs via twisted glacial landscapes and then leave you breathless in a black hole of psychedelia». Dead pilot records UK


He started playing guitar when he was 15, after he was injured in a road accident and forced to stay home for a year.

In 1997, in addition to his cabinetmaking studies where he practiced sculpture, marquetry, restoration of antique furniture and art drawing, he worked on his instrument on his own and performed in different bands. In 1999, after passing his exams he decided to dedicate himself to music and he entered the professional course of IIMA lead by Laurent Rousseau. He then studied composition, musical analysis, jazz, contemporary and improvised music. During his studies he experimented with multiple forms of music (free jazz, bebop...).

In 2003 , he became a permanent member of the artist collective Zwann eï . He composes for performances, installations, sound poetry and movies. He realises visual creations and integrates laptop ( Ableton, Max msp) in his sound research system which was until then made of pedals, analog effects and objects. His implication in the collective will give him the opportunity to discover a new vision of writing and of the interactive relationships connected to picture, body and to literature.

In 2007 he decided to stop his tours to devote himself to his solo music and to get more involved into teaching by creating some improvised music workshops.

Many trips, projects, live performances and recording will follow. Work with Loïs Laplace (Cycling 74), Federico Barabino (Buenos aires), Yumi Fujitani (danse butô, Paris), Les Conserveries mémorielles (Québec), Marc Roques (Zooloop, Paris), Sequana Deux (Contemporary Art from Le Havre to Paris "ABRUIT"), Jannick Schou (Denmark), Raphaël Maze and Francois Lebègue (“Light Cone " experimental cinema Paris), Nozal cube (Le Havre), The Future Ethnic Comparative Research Lab. (Paris), La cité de la musique (Paris), Sandrine Lascaux (Lecturer, Le Havre University), JP.Gomez, JP Buisson (Le Havre) M.Thouseau and V.Sauve (Paris), Blaise Merino (London), Mangane (Senegal), P.Sigmoon (Cambodia).

In 2008, he released his first solo album “Le Lieu” produced by Dirty Demos (UK), then in 2009 two CDs “She” with Utech Records (USA) and “Here” with Kvist Records (USA). And in 2011” Lost Chords” with Dead pilot Records UK.

«On his latest record, 2011’s Lost Chords, Gargaud has created an essential piece of music for the
electronic avant-garde, a masterwork that ranks alongside Fennesz’s Black Sea in regards to its sophistication, attention to detail, influence and brilliance. While being an electronic record, it also stands as a beautiful solo guitar record, recalling elements of Steffen Basho-Junghans or Nick Drake
Groovenime Reviewed by Neil Levens

He shares European and American stages with Dustin O’Halloran, Adam Wiltzie, Bernard Parmegiani, Will Guthrie, idm theft able, Marco Marini, Black Sifichi, Jean-Luc guionnet, Seijiro Murayama, Heddy Boubaker, Matthew Silver, Sébastien Cirotteau, Patrice Grente, Sebastien Bouhana, Yannis Frier...


LIVE 2014-2015

"Rothko Art centre"  14/10 Lithuania

"Kaunas in Art Festival"  16/10 Lithuania

"Art Stalker"  02/09 Berlin

"Panke Culture"  03/09 Berlin

"Quiet Violence Festival"  14/05 Berlin

---/02  Prague @Školská 28 Art Gallery

16/01 Suisse @Plattfon

15/01 Besançon @ Atelier de l'étoile

20/12 Toulouse @ La Maison Peinte

---/12  Marseille @Asile 404

22/11 Caen @Le Doc

---/11  Holland Tour @

15/11 Porto @Sonoscopia

07/11 Zürich @Win

04/11 Berlin  @art-stalker with Raymond Alan Kaczynski "drummer"

03/11 Berlin  @Madame Claude

---/10  Jerusamel @Uganda

---/10  Haifa @Syrup Sonoscopia Drumer

09/09 United Kingdom @Colchester arts centre

05/07 Le Havre @Festival TourneSon

04/05 GLITCH @ Recording a new album to Le Havre

01/05 Paris @Treize le NonJazz (+MV Carbon+H&M)

22/02 Le Havre PiedNu with Jean-Luc Petit "clarinette"

L'Atelier- Evreux 15/04/14 G.Laurent G.Gargaud



Freddy's Bar Brooklyn NY  07/25/13
Boodbye blue monday New York Wed. 07/31/13
Théâtre de Verre Paris with Corpus in Act . 26/05/13
Platerforme Paris 4eme édition " Résurgences" 21/05/13
IRL  Paris 20/04/13 
Live with NOZAL CUBE Trash Vortex "Paris" 16/02/13
Gargaud Gomez  PiedNu "Le Havre" 28/11/13 
Composition of an audio track of a sound installation
SEQUANA TWO ART Contemporary Art from Havre to Paris "ABRUIT"










New collaboration with Yumi Fujitani and Sandrine Lascaux Merleau-Ponty project.
09/04/2013  25/10/13
Maison de l’étudiant-Théàtre Des bains Douches-Théàtre de l'Hotel de ville (Le Havre)







Apnée performance "body, video, music" Zwann eï Collectiveapnee.png





Collaboration with Raphaël Maze and F.Lebègue for "LIGHT CONE " experimental cinema " (Paris)






19/03/     Cahors                  Festival headphone
23/04      Rennes                  La Bascule
17/06      Le Havre                Pied NU
17/09      Le Havre               Tourneson Festival
18/09       ////                          ////////
22/10      Le Havre               PiedNu 2 part Will Guthrie
06/12      Caen                     Patrice Grente, idm theft able .... «preaubis»
12/01      Paris                     Cirque électrique  Nozal Cube, Bernard Parmegiani, 
                                                                     Marco Marini, Black Sifichi.......
27/01      Paris                     TRASH VORTEX  jean-luc guionnet and seijiro  
                                                                   murayama extrasystole
28/01      Paris                     Olympique Café  Bolus_Miho_Minkkinen
                                           non jazz jendrek  Fred Nipi  Hiroyouki.......
11/02      Nantes                  APO33                 ZWANN EI,  Nozal Cube
26/02      Bruxelles               LE LOCAL            Gong Extentions/////
26/04      Peyrelevade           Au Croulag
27/04      Burgaud                Café du Burgaud
28/04      Toulouse                la Maison Peinte
29/04      Albi                       Au Frigo
30/04      Montpellier             à venir /////
06/05      Paris //Montreuil     aux « Dimanche de l’impro»
12/05      Rennes                   L’éLaBoratoire     Nozal Cube, ZWANN EI,
13/05        //////
24/05      Crest                      Les concerts (pas) trop forts
25/05      St Etienne               «la Cour»
26/05      Lyon                        GrrZero








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